You make each day lovely ♥
When I first saw you, I didn't fall for you
The second time.. your smile was so pretty
The third heart slowly started to race
The fourth ..I knew it was you, baby

You're like an angel.. the reason I’m living is because of you....I'll cherish you until my breath runs out, my love ♥

I love you, saying it to you
Saying I miss you,
Saying I want to hug you, and only you
I want to protect you..

My heart fluttered everyday, my two eyes only saw you

One step, when you’re tired and struggling, two step, till the end of this world.
I’ll be with you by your side, step by step, I love you

Your smile is like heaven ♥

Myungsoo and Junhyung in the next episode of Salamander Guru??


I’m not an Inspirit.. but there is ABSOLUTELY NO DENYING that Myungsoo is pretty damn fine. XD

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